So many times (really too many to number) we have heard people say: “there’s just nothing to do in this area for our kids” and “wish we had a community center to play games”… HELLO!!!!  Our motto at The Rain Teen Center is “its better ‘felt’ than ‘telt’.”  We encourage you to stop by the center sometime and see what we have to offer!  You might find that what’s on the inside is what counts!  We currently are offering the following programs and services to our middle and high school students:

wednesday reconnect

Wednesday Reconnect is a time set aside all about connecting!  Although we could also call it Wednesday Disconnect, since the aim is to disconnect everyone from electronics for a short period of time!  We encourage the students to connect with each other, the adults to connect with students, and for everyone to connect with the outdoors!  During this time we play outdoor games such as basketball three on three, and team games such as volleyball and kickball, which are a few of the fan favorites!  Doors open at 6PM every Wednesday night where a free meal is served, and following our time of reconnection, the game room is open until 8:45.  


Everyone loves a good party! For three weeks, The Rain Teen Center will watch as the party of the year unfolds. But this is not like any other party. Lives will be changed forever. Free food and drinks will be served.  Doors open at 6PM.


Our Sisterhood program this summer was a great success.  We opened our doors for all age girls, 0-99, and embarked on lots of fun adventures.  One thing that was important to us was to let the girls decide what they wanted to do.  Some of the activities they planned were movie night, swim day at the local swim plex, picnic at the Sewanee cross, and painting classes at the center.  It was an epic time of fun and faith with participation from girls age 6-40!  We plan to do it again next summer, as well as plan some Sisterhood activities for the remainder of this year. IMG_2490 IMG_2611


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